Recipe: Change Details on Landing Page for Individual Teams


If you need to adjust the Business Card on a Landing Page to include different values based on users, you can do so using custom code.


For example, let's look at adding custom code to change the company name for some users, but leaving it as is for others. You could create something like this:



$(document).ready(function () {
var fullURL =;
var splitURL = fullURL.split('.')[0]

var domains = ["subdomain1", "subdomain2", "subdomain3"];

if (domains.indexOf(splitURL) !== -1) { $('p.profileCompany').text("New Company Text"); }

else { };



Please keep in mind, this is an example situation and code with suggestions for possibilities, and you will want to work with a development team external to Floify to create the specific code needed for your use case


  • Replace each subdomain with the subdomain of your user needing change ( would need to have subdomain1 entered, but not the full domain)
  • Replace New Company Text with the text you would  want displayed
  • There are other fields that can be used in place of p.profileCompany


This custom code will be input by following these steps:


  1. From the loan pipeline, click the team name in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select Company Dashboard from the list
  3. In the Company Dashboard navigate to the Company Settings
  4. Head to the Developer tab
  5. Scroll to the Company Custom CSS/JS section and edit
  6. Copy and paste the above code into this section and save
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