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Who is Mortgage Panda?  

Mortgage Panda is The Digital Mortgage Platform built natively on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM. Mortgage Panda is centered around delivering speed and efficiency to the residential mortgage processing pipeline. It does this by deploying automated workflows, processes and emails during the processing of the loan. Welcome to the one stop shop for your Customer Relationship Management, Loan Origination System and Point of Sale needs.


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Integration type: LOS 



What will the Floify—Mortgage Panda Integration support? 

Loan originators who utilize the Mortgage Panda digital lending platform to manage their back-office loan origination processes as well as customer relationship management, and Floify to optimize their point-of-sale experience, can now connect the two systems to create an integrated, end-to-end technology stack.


Leveraging this integration eliminates duplicate data entry and allows LOs to maintain all of their important customer and loan data in a single location.


When the integration is configured and active, LOs will be able to:


  • Select a Quick Pack from within a Mortgage Panda loan object to initiate a Floify loan flow
  • Create a new loan within Mortgage Panda from a Floify loan flow
  • Synchronize uploaded documentation from Floify's Quick Packs into a linked Mortgage Panda contact record
  • Trigger Mortgage Panda records status updates when a milestone is checked-off within a Floify loan flow
  • Maintain communication consistency by ensuring email updates are triggered by only the system in which a milestone status change is made


How to Set Up and Use

Set up for this integration is handled completely by Mortgage Panda on behalf of the customer. Mortgage Panda will configure the settings within Floify, including the Quick Packs, to align with the CRM and LOS aspects of Mortgage Panda.


For questions, please contact the Mortgage Panda team at or call 888-422-0074.

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