Recipe: Change the landing page NMLS section


If you prefer to update the look and feel of the NMLS section that appears on the landing page, you can do so using custom code:


.profile-license-info, .companyNmls, .profileLicenses, .profileNmls, .profileNmlsOne, .profileNmlsThree{
margin-bottom: 0px;
text-align: center;
font-size: 14px;
font-weight: 300;
color: white;


  • margin-bottom: 0px; - this removes the margin at the bottom of the NMLS section
  • text-align: center; - this will center the NMLS section on the landing page image
  • font-size: 10px; - this will change the NMLS text size
  • font-weight: 300; -  this will change the font thickness
  • color: white; - this will change the font color - you can use the html color code as well by inserting color: #fff; 


This custom code will be input by following these steps:


  1. From the loan pipeline, click the team name in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select Company Dashboard from the list
  3. In the Company Dashboard navigate to the Company Settings
  4. Head to the Developer tab
  5. Scroll to the Company Custom CSS/JS section and edit
  6. Copy and paste the above code into this section and save



This will update all existing teams.




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