Portal Overview for Realtors


Using your secure portal, you can keep to up to date with what's going on in your borrower's loans, upload additional documents for the lender, manage your account details, and generate pre-approval letters.


Get Started and Log In

Navigate to app.floify.com and enter your email address and established password to log in. Select Log In to proceed into the portal:





Navigating Your Portal

If you have access to multiple loan flows, upon logging in you will see a list of loans that you have been invited to. Select the red, yellow, or green icons towards the left hand side of the borrower's name to navigate into the loan flow:


Note: Lenders will need to invite you to each loan individually. If there is one you are missing, you will need to ask your lender to set this up on their end.






Since you have limited access, the three tabs will show you the number of documents but you will not be able to see the documents here:






You will see any milestone updates listed at the top. These are designed to keep everyone informed of the progress on a loan. If a lender has checked off any of these updates, you will see it marked off with a checkbox and the date next to the name of the milestone:


Note: Lenders can also opt you into email and/or text notifications for the milestones.






The lender's contact information will be listed on the right hand side for your reference:






To go back to your list of loans, select the Back to My Loans option at the top:






Generate a Pre-Approval Letter

Select the Pre-Approval Letter, Arizona Forms, or Texas Forms button on the right hand side in blue depending on which form you need to generate:


Note: AZ/TX forms are state specific. For loans in other states, you can select the generic option to use a lender's pre-loaded template.






Pre-Approval Letter

For the standard pre-approval letter, you will see the parameters the lender has set under 'Loan Info for Review' at the bottom. Enter the values you want to stamp onto the letter in the top section, and select 'Make Pre-Approval Letter' to submit:






The letter will be visible to you in the Docs Accepted in a new Letters tab. You can view or download your new letter on the left hand side:






Arizona or Texas Forms

If generating Arizona/Texas forms, select the appropriate form to generate:






Fill out the data as needed and select 'Generate Form' to generate the form:


Note: The lender will need to ensure all the necessary information has already been adjusted on their side. If you are getting an error they will need to go in and complete these items.







The letter will be visible to you in the Docs Accepted in a new Letters tab. You can view or download your new letter on the left hand side:






Update Your Account Details

Select your email address in the top right-hand corner:






Select the option to Edit Profile:






Here you can update any of your contact information including email address, name, mobile phone, desk phone, brokerage name, licensed office name, licensed office address, and licensed states:






You can also reset your password or select your time zone:






The Text Messaging option allows you to opt yourself in or out of text message notifications regarding the loan process:






The Allow Lenders to Edit Your Contact Info option allows you to give a lender permission to make adjustments to these details themselves:






Make sure you select Save Profile to confirm any changes made:






 Log Out and End Your Session

Select the arrow in the top right hand corner next to your email address to completely log out of your account:







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