Customize the Emails that are sent your Borrowers from Floify

There are several communications that are sent to your borrowers through Floify as you. The initial Needslist (welcome) email, Add Document notices, deadline reminders, and more. The content and timing of these emails can all be customized with your personal touch. 

Previewing and Editing the Emails

You can preview the emails by clicking Settings at the top of your screen and then Emails. Here you will see all of the automatic emails that are sent to your borrowers as you. To preview the current email click the Eye icon, to edit the email click the Pen and Paper icon. You can also email yourself an example. 

Underneath the title of each email you can read a brief description of when that email would be sent. 

Customizing the Emails

To customize the content of the email click the Pen and Paper icon. This will open the editor where you can change the subject of the email and the body. Note: The email that is currently being sent is in the Example below the Email Body. To start editing we recommend copying and pasting the example into the Body so as to preserve the merge fields. The merge field will dynamically populate the email based on the borrower information. Once you have copied and pasted you can edit as you normally would.