Edit Deadline Reminders

When a Prospect is converted to a Live Loan and you select a Quick Pack to request a set of documents from your borrower, Floify will set a default Deadline for when those documents are due, and will send email reminders leading up to the deadline and after the deadline has past. 

To change the default Deadline and Deadline Reminder settings

Click your Settings at the top of your screen >then the Milestones tab > then Edit Deadline

Here you will be able to configure your Deadline Preferences

By default Floify sets the deadline as 4 days from when the documents were first requested. We will then send a reminder the day before the deadline and the day of the deadline. Once the deadline passes we will send a reminder every 4 days up to 5 times as long as there are still outstanding documents. These can all be customized. 

Blackout Days

If there are certain days you don't want to bother your borrowers with emails, such as weekends or holidays, these days can be "blacked out" and not reminders will be sent.