Enable Realtor and Partner Co-Branding

Enabling Realtor and Partner Co-Branding allows you to create co-branded landing pages with your partners and generates a unique URL for them to share. 


Step 1. Visit Settings -> Team Info -> Landing Page Configuration:

Note: Settings will be enabled / disabled automatically based on what your company allows.

Step 2. Visit Settings > Realtors, Partners > Realtors and Partners. You'll see a new icon for editing co-branding settings.

Step 3. Click the icon and a modal will appear prompting you to enable co-branding for this partner.

Step 4. You'll be prompted to enter more info for the partner, including their photo and and optionally customizable URL.

Step 5. Save the settings. You'll see a new preview icon for the partner (this will appear for any partner that has co-branding enabled).

Click that icon to see the co-branded page