Use Custom Fields to Create Custom Layouts

Floify allows you to use custom fields to customize the look and layout of your pipeline.  By creating a custom layout you can create checklist to help you and your team stay on task, change the view based on the loan type, and more!

First, create custom fields which you will use to populate your layout.

Go to Settings > Fields > Access Custom Fields

Next, select New Custom Field

Give your field a Label, a Name, a Data Type, and then choose which user types have access and whether or not they can edit it. 

Next, create your Layout by going to Access Layouts clicking New Layout and then clicking ↑ to add fields to your layout. 

Once you have create a layout you can set it as the default for Loan Officers and/or Borrowers. 

Note: The layout will only take effect with new loans, not existing loans. 

Business Rules

Use Business Rules to automatically apply a layout any time a condition is met. Multiple business rules can be set.