Floify Broker Edition


Floify Broker Edition is one of the many unique configurations of our platform that creates an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution. Built on the back of our core product, the Broker Edition creates the ultimate homeownership platform for Mortgage Brokers, empowering you with a full suite of end-to-end origination tools. 



Key Features

Mortgage Call Reports

Floify's Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) will help you kick start your NMLS reporting each quarter. Floify can produce the MCR spreadsheet populated with the pipeline data as well as will supply a RAW DATA pipeline report for your reference.


Designed to simplify and accelerate the NMLS reporting process, Floify's MCR empowers users to quickly and easily generate the required mortgage call report spreadsheet, pre-populated with the quarter's essential loan data. With this feature, you are able to export separate reports for any year and quarter as well as each state the broker holds licensure.


Read about this feature here: Mortgage Call Reports



Dual AUS

Fully-integrated with Fannie Mae's Desktop Originator® (DO®) AUS and Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor® (LPA℠) AUS, results can be compared side-by-side to make it easy for brokers to identify potential appraisal waivers or documentation differences and determine the best possible path forward for their borrowers.

  • Brokers can stay within Floify and run Dual AUS from anywhere on any device. In Floify, lenders can view DO and LPA results side-by-side for easy comparison.
  • Highly flexible AUS solutions allow for any team to use this. The following configuration options are available:
    • With or without an LOS integration
    • Can be used with or without a credit integration

Read more about our AUS offerings here: Dual AUS With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac



Product and Pricing Engine

Floify has integrated with Lender Price, providing mortgage brokers with real-time access to an extensive selection of mortgage products and pricing options!


Floify's integration with Lender Price will allow for you to quickly search for up-to-date product and pricing to present your borrowers with accurate and timely loan information. The integration creates real-time access to a comprehensive range of mortgage products and their pricing option, increased day-to-day efficiency, speed, and reduced costs. Brokers can take a loan app and it seamlessly integrates 1003 data into their pricing engine. No exporting files, logging in to a new system, re-entering data, and then emailing results. It’s all in one platform.


Read more about this integration here: Lender Price



United Wholesale Mortgage Integration

Floify's integrates with United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the largest wholesaler in the mortgage industry. 


By utilizing Floify’s point-of-sale integration, UWM’s broker partners will be able to quickly and easily process borrower loan applications, securely send and receive supporting documentation, and UWM will even let the broker know if any required data is missing from the loan application.

Our integration:

  1. Seamlessly import a 1003 loan application into your UWM platform
  2. Connects to Floify API in real time to query borrower data
  3. Reduces time spent on administrative tasks and manual data entry

Read about our integration here: United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)

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