Hybrid E-Closing: Settlement Agent Portal


The settlement agent portal will allow you as a settlement agent to see the various closing documents that are assigned to you, separated by status of closing documents, and allow you to interact for both e-sign and wet sign download and upload.



Using the Settlement Agent Portal

When you've been invited to your first Hybrid E-Closing with Floify, you'll receive an email with a link to 'Create Your Account':






Once you've clicked on the link, you'll be asked to update your information, set a password, and agree to the terms of use:






Once you've created your account for your first Hybrid E-Closing, you'll continue to access each additional file by logging into your account with the same email address and password.


The emails you'll receive going forward will have a link taking you to the Floify login page:






That page can also be found here: https://app.floify.com/login:






When you've set your password or you log in, you'll be taken into the detail screen for the loan you've received the email for. You can also click the Home button at the top of the screen to access your pipeline view:






From the Home page, you'll see three separate tabs:


  1. Waiting For Signing Period - Closing Documents sent in advance of the closing date
  2. Signing Period Open - Closing Documents that can be eSigned on the closing date
  3. Signing Period Closed - Closing Documents where the closing date has already passed






From any of these tabs, you can click on the loan you would like to access. In the screenshot below, all docs available to you will be wet-signed as indicated on the right side:






Once you've accessed the detailed view of the particular loan you can take several actions:


  • View ALL closing documents using the eyeball icon
  • Download ALL closing documents using the down arrow icon
  • View the closing documents ONLY for INK signature at the closing using the eye icon
  • Download the closing documents ONLY for INK signature using the down arrow icon
  • Upload the signed closing documents from the closing using the up arrow icon






Once you've been through the live closing and you've obtained the INK signed closing documents, you can upload them directly to Encompass using the up arrow towards the right:






When they've successfully been uploaded to the Encompass file, that will be indicated by the green 'Uploaded' tab that's applied:






Back on your Home page, you'll see the same status for each file that has had the documents uploaded back to Encompass:






If you're needing any assistance with access your account or performing any of the actions described above, please contact disclosures@floify.com.

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