October 21st, 2022 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Borrower default values for SSN, date of birth, and mobile phone number will now populate in the user interface when submitting a VOA/VOE/VOI request via the MeridianLink Verification integration.
  • An error message will no longer appear in the app when inviting borrowers that previously had loan flow access delayed.
  • Deadline notification issues have been resolved including the following:
    • The "Clear" deadline date option will now save in the 'edit loan flow' page.
    • Loans without a deadline date will no longer send a deadline reminder to the borrower.
    • Deadline reminder performance updates were made to ensure notifications are being sent.
    • Teams with a 6 PM MST deadline reminder will no longer have an issue with deadline reminders.
  • Users removed from a pipeline will no longer receive notifications for loans they used to follow.
  • Updated logging has been added to show when admin users switch into an account to perform an action vs. non-admin users performing the action.
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