December 2nd, 2022 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements:

  • Dual AUS v2.1 - Updates for DO release and various other improvements
    • Now includes FormFree VOD report identifier in AUS search payloads for improved AUS search results
    • New "Estimated Property Value" input for Purchases to "Apply Now" to better support Fannie Mae AUS searches
    • Allowing negative Net Monthly Rental Income in "Apply Now” to better support Fannie Mae AUS searches 
    • Updated Fannie Mae Integration Settings to better direct switching to and from Desktop Underwriter and Desktop Originator
    • LO-view only Community Lending Programs in Apply Now to better support Fannie Mae AUS searches 
  • Pre-Approval Letter API documentation updates
  • Floify API access key update in Veri-tax 
  • Various Smart Homeowners Insurance updates
    • California added to the list of unsupported insurance states for the Smart HOI feature
    • Disable HOI prompt if template doc is archived
    • When new companies are created Smart Homeowners Insurance will be enabled by default 
  • Info icon next to “Loan Flow Assignment Rules” has been reduced in size

Bug Fixes:

  • "Loan Flow Assignment Rules" assigned user text will now display the correct role of the user that is being assigned.
  • Insurance quotes will now be returned for Smart Homeowners Insurance results when reusing the same property address.
  • Resolved potential issue where users weren’t able to submit Floify e-sign signatures due to incorrectly formatted dates.
  • The Archived loans tab will now display the correct column headers.
  • TPO Conditions Sync Company Settings UI will correctly reflect the wholesale company’s settings.
  • Connecting to existing Encompass loan with shared email address will no longer import the data incorrectly.
  • Uploaded doc titles and messages will be labeled more consistently.
  • Potential fix for error occurring when trying to update the loan owner or moving a loan to a different team.
  • Added logging to help resolve Dev Connect tokens system error.
  • Needs Lists email is delayed so all docs owed will be included in the email.
  • 'Start New Loan Flow' will export borrower’s middle name from Encompass correctly.
  • Milestone settings will now save correctly.
  • Potential fix for when signing spots on initial disclosures moves up on every spot for the main borrower.
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