January 20th, 2023 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • Ability for customer-facing teams to bulk transfer prospects to different teams within the same company
  • Increased the Encompass field ID max limit from 32 to 50 characters when editing milestone recipients in LOS Settings

Bug Fixes

  • For Encompass synced prospects with auto-convert disabled, we are no longer showing an error message when an LO edits the application
  • Bulk accepting docs is no longer failing and causing backup of accepting docs
  • LO forcing conversion of application while borrower is in application will now send the borrower straight to their loan
  • Manager of team updating user's email in the Users tab will now update without needing a cache refresh
  • Resolved security issue where a user's first and last name could be set as a link on the landing page
  • Apply Now auto doc rules are now adding Bank Request (AccountChek) template docs when prospect is converted to a live loan
  • CIS by Xactus credit integration is now always using the LOS loan ID
  • Resolved an issue with Arizona and Texas state forms being enabled/disabled
  • Resolved an issue seen with MFA where users would be redirected to their team's landing page
  • Documents that are rejected with the "accept" checkbox option selected are no longer added to the borrower doc notification
  • Updated the OneDrive original doc name value to no longer use the borrower pair identifier
  • Realtors will now be able to see pre-approval letters created by LOs
  • When editing an application, an LO should now see the Employment History save correctly
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