February 24th, 2023 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • To support upcoming changes to Form 4506-C, Floify is adding the ability to pull multiple documents of the same name from an Encompass disclosure package.
    • With the IRS Form 4506-C update, some loans will require multiple 4506-C forms (the requirement will include a unique form for each unique borrower tax return).
    • A new configurable disclosure setting will be added to specify which document names should pull multiple documents from the tracking record. This will account for the 4506-C update and any similar future scenarios.
  • The new "Supplemental Consumer Information Form" (aka SCIF, Form 1103) questions in “Apply Now” can now be set to be visible to borrowers.
    • The new SCIF questions will now be able to be configured to be visible to borrowers (vs. only visible to LO Teams).
      • The SCIF “Homeownership Education and Housing Counseling” questions will not be visible to borrowers by default.
      • The SCIF “Language Preference” question will be visible to borrowers by default, as the borrower is best positioned to answer this question.
    • The SCIF will be required for new conventional loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with application dates on or after March 1, 2023.

Bug Fixes

  • The 'Assigned to Me' dashboard for Task Management now matched the updated standard pipeline view UI.
  • In 'Apply Now', the 'Assets' section no longer appears in the lender's 'Borrower View' if that section has been disabled for the borrower.
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