March 20th, 2023 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • Floify is moving to a new subscription management platform to streamline customer billing. During the transition, there will be a period where users will not be able to self-serve account changes (including upgrading from trials), so temporary updates are being made to the billing page to communicate this.

Bug Fixes

  • Adding a co-borrower to an existing loan flow no longer saves the borrower as a co-mortgagor.
  • Disclosure packages that have two documents with the same name that are 'multiple pull' documents no longer have an 'Applying Signature Tabs Failed' error.
  • AccountChek now correctly saves asset information in the application and generates the VOA document in 'Docs Pending Review' after app submission.
  • Languages updates have been made to the sign in pages for borrower Single Sign-On (SSO) for better clarification.
  • Encompass milestone sync settings are now correctly reflecting if a user is a BCC'd, CC'd, or 'TO' recipient. (Note: This has been updated for Buyer and Sellers Agents. A later update will address Buyer/Seller's Attorney and Lender contacts).
  • The borrower demo is no longer restarting when the borrower page is refreshed.
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