June 6, 2023 Release Notes


  • MFA experience improvements
    • A “back” button now displays when trying to set the MFA phone number 
    • Removed "Your company requires" line of text on the initial MFA setup screen 
  • ICE eClose
    • Fixed ICE eClose signing issues from co-borrowers sharing an email 
  • Dual AUS configuration improvements
    • Added Client ID input to Informative Research settings 
    • Mapping the appropriate client ID using DU with an IR credit report 
  • Azure SSO Support in Subdomains  
    • On login page, the button changed to say Log In
  • User Security Enhancements  
    • Users from outside a company are prevented from viewing the company’s VOA client ID through a direct URL 
    • Users from outside a company are prevented from viewing the cloning settings through a direct URL
    • Custom programming code on email test templates is now prevented
  • LOS Prospect Import tool is now available for all users with Encompass, Byte, and MeridianLink (LQB) LOS integrations
    • An option in the Add New Prospect modal will now show the option to import 1003 data from the LOS integration if enabled
  • App Stabilization Improvements


Bug Fixes:

  • Password reset for the one-time password no longer generates 500 error
  • Cloning no longer failing while deleting template docs in the target team
  • iFrame redirection after LO login should now send the user directly to the loan’s view =
  • FannieMae Desktop Originator Integration now shows a validation error for wrong credentials when wrong credentials are entered
  • Company Subdomain is now displaying the correct UI when Azure SSO is required
  • Resolved an issue where some users were not able to complete MFA setup when the system was trying to save their recovery codes
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