July 24, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.2.0



  • Updated another Total Expert API request to include new "owner" parameter


Bug Fixes:

  • Security updates for when images are directly uploaded into a Froala text editor
  • Email setup for Multi-Factor Authentication will now set the browser cookie at the appropriate time 
  • An issue where prospects weren’t able to be deleted has been resolved 
    • Only additional logging was added to help discover the root cause of this issue.
  • LOs are now required to be logged in to sign Disclosures and other Floify e-sign documents 
  • Idle application SMS notifications are now being correctly sent to prospects 
  • Company admins can now see the "Save" button when trying to edit/create a Custom Integration 
  • Able to now successfully add or edit a custom Floify Integration 
  • Error no longer occurs when navigating the dropdown realtor list in the 1003 application using the arrow keys on the keyboard 


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