July 31, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.3.0



  • Enhancements to “Company Custom CSS/JS” so that users can change “Pre-Approval” to “Pre-Qualification” within all pages in the company’s subdomain 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fewer delays and no timeouts when logging in to Floify via Azure SSO 
  • Users will no longer be redirected to “app.floify.com/chat-jwt” 
  • The loan purpose in the Edit Loan screen will no longer be blank if a value had previously been selected
  • Incorrectly set Asset in 1003 would cause a white screen when trying to order Dual AUS 
  • The GET /flows API will now correctly use the “archived” parameter when paired with the "losLoanFileNumber" parameter 
  • Smart Homeowners Insurance will no longer be triggered on property addresses that contain “TBD” even in the unit/address line 2 field
  • The manual “Add Doc Notice” icon will appear immediately in the loan view after a new document is added 
  • Signing a DocuSign document from the “Assigned To Me” dashboard will no longer restrict the user from accessing the document 
  • Pagination for the Realtors/Partners list within the Start New Loan Flow and Edit loan screen has been updated 
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