August 10, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.4.0


Bug Fixes

  • MFA users will now have their incorrect number of login attempts correctly reset to prevent premature locking of their accounts
  • The “Loan flow start” rule that’s meant to automatically assign users to roles on loans has been fixed
  • The "Skip LO Date Signed field" disclosure setting will now skip the stamped date correctly 
  • Resolved an issue sometimes seen with the "Disclosure alert!" emails sent to Loan Officers not sending or being received 
  • Updating a borrower’s email will now also update any pending e-sign documents to match the new email, not preventing them to sign the document 
  • Potential fix for an issue seen with disclosures that have multiple borrower pairs which resulted in the disclosure package not appearing in the loan 
  • The old loan selection screen should never be seen again by the borrower
  • The loading animation will continue to appear on the Company Dashboard for tabs that have not fully loaded 


Hotfix Version: v45.4.1


Bug Fixes

  • Users are now able to send or create e-Sign documents when an ‘Other’ signer is one of the recipients, resolving an issue preventing this.
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