Generate a Pre-Approval Letter (New Version)


You'll have the option to generate a pre-approval letter for the borrower directly from your realtor/partner portal if the lender has allowed for this permission.



How to Use

Select the Pre-Approval Letter button near the right in blue:



PAL button.png



Once Pre-Approval Letters have been enabled by the lender, you will be able to see the Pre-Approval Letter interface when pressing the button:



PAL Interface.png



Enter your details (Property Address, Sales Price, Down Payment, Actual Seller Paid Closing Costs)  as you'd like them to appear on your letter:



Details entered.png



Note: The values cannot go outside of the parameters initially set by the lender, otherwise you will get an error message



outside parameters.png



Once you have your parameters set, you will want to set your Recipients:






You can add additional recipients to receive the letter by entering their email address and pressing the Add button:



Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.59.34 PM.png



The additional recipients can be viewed, checked or unchecked, and removed entirely as needed after being added. to remove the recipient, select the Trashcan icon:






At any point in the process, you can preview the letter with the parameters currently entered:



preview button.png



The preview can be viewed and sent or you can return to edit the details as needed:






You can choose to send the letter in two ways. The options are to send the letter, or to send and create another letter:



Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 1.06.52 PM.png



Once you choose how to send this out, you will receive one of the following confirmations that the letter was sent:



Send another approval.png

Send and Create another letter option confirmation



PAL sent.png

Send option confirmation




The letter will be available in the Docs Accepted. You can view it as needed with the icons towards the left hand side.The letter will be sent out via email to the recipients for use.



Some other things of note. The address field uses the Google Address search feature to validate addresses. Additionally, you will receive a warning message if you are missing any fields in your Letter Details section



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