October 5, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.12.0



  • Improved visibility of co-branded partner profile cards on mobile landing pages
  • Removal of the native mobile app. It instead directs users to the progressive web app
  • Borrower data mismatch warning update when switching Encompass loans


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a doc renaming issue where the docs in the owed bucket would require a page refresh to be applied
  • Fixed an issue with Organization dashboard cloning 
  • Resolved an issue that was seen when using the API to generate a Pre-Approval Letter 
  • Added back the “XML” header when downloading application docs from a prospect
  • Resolved an issue where borrowers/prospects couldn’t be deleted at times 
  • Encompass synced recipients will no longer sync on milestones when the feature is disabled in the Company Settings
  • The enabled checkbox for Apply Now auto doc requests will now be cloned properly between teams 
  • An error will appear for users updating their phone numbers in their profile settings that are incorrectly formatted numbers 
  • Adding a line break to a custom question in Apply Now will no longer cause the Custom Questionnaire fail to generate
  • The Down Payment field in the borrower application will appear as required when the settings are configured for it to be required
  • E-sign notes should appear correctly on a mobile device
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