October 27th, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.15.0



  • Updated Floify Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 
  • “Other” Loan Purpose option can be individually hidden from the 1003 application


Bug Fixes

  • Renaming a document in the document preview window should no longer overwrite a different document’s description 
  • Template documents that have different spacing in their name will be treated as different documents
  • The “Language Preference” section is no longer skipped when completing the application 
  • The Apply Now subdomain should be indicating to the user they need to log in even if they don’t have a password set 
  • The “Lender Loan Info” section will no longer be hidden if the “Loan Info” section is disabled in the Apply Now settings 
  • Users will be no longer allowed to copy documents marked as non-applicable by borrowers
  • The default loan purpose will now be set to “Purchase” 


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