December 6th, 2023 Release Notes

Version: v45.18.0



  • Apply Now Spanish Subtitles have been optimized


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where using the arrow keys in the document reject reason field would cycle through the other documents in the bucket 
  • Removed a user’s ability to rename forms and Closing Docs in the preview doc window
  • The “Homeownership Education” section is no longer skipped when completing the application -
  • Updating a document’s name in the doc accepted bucket will no longer cause the title and description to be in the wrong column 
  • Resolved an issue that may cause the state dropdown to appear empty 
  • Borrowers deleting their accounts will now be sending a notification email to the correct loan officer(s) 
  • The “Assigned To Me” dashboard will have correctly aligned columns on the loan pipeline screen when the total number of columns isn’t configured to the maximum number 
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