January 19, 2024 Release Notes

Version: v45.21.0



  • VOA IDs & Credit Reference IDs for loans have been added to the loan's XML file
  • Loan Product Advisor (LPA) version update


Bug Fixes

  • Floify e-sign template documents will be applied correctly to Co-Mortgagor loans with multiple borrower pairs  
  • ICE eClose disclosure package with multiple borrower pairs (multiple Floify loans) will no longer cause timeout error 
  • Disclosures for Co-Mortgagor loans with multiple borrower pairs will now work correctly for those additional pairs 
  • Documents will now be listed in the Needs List for only that specific borrower pair in Co-Mortgagors interface
  • Resolved an issue with certain Apply Now settings and the “Subject property is under contract” toggle turned off
  • The "ignoreApplicationDate" setting for Byte adapters should be working for all loan creation workflows 
  • Updating a realtor's phone number to a specific format should be working 
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