Disclosure Desk: Integration Window

Floify monitors Encompass reporting database for loan numbers that meet this condition:




  1. For each loan file that matched, Floify retrieves these fields for each loan file:
     * Loan.LoanNumber
     * Loan.LoanOfficerId
     * Loan.LoanOfficerName

  2. Floify downloads all Disclosure attachments from the eFolder

  3. Floify places DocuSign signature tabs on the PDF and sends the envelope to consumers on file. At this time, an eSignature Doc request is placed under Floify loan flow Docs Owed tab (red bucket) for consumers to DocuSign.

    A few things happen:
    * We create a stamped PDF as a proof of Delivery and add that PDF to eFolder placeholder "**Floify Compliance**".

    * We also notify each consumer on the loan file with an email saying Disclosure is ready for eSign.

    * We update the encompass field in reporting database, so we do not pull disclosures for this loan again. Fields.CX.DISCLOSURESREADY = "" (removing the 'X')

  4. After consumers DocuSign the disclosures, and when we receive the DocuSign web hook event, the Doc request is moved to Floify loan flow Docs Accepted tab (green bucket). When this happens, the signed PDF  each disclosure from DocuSign is placed back into the eFolder as the current version for the document.

  5. The signed disclosure package moves to the completed queue.


Disclosure Desk Notes


There are few things to consider in a disclosure desk workflow.



  • Disclosures are scanned from encompass reporting database every 2 minutes for optimal performance.

  • If you are actively working on the loan file in Encompass when Floify tries to update the CX.DISCLOSURESREADY field after a disclosure package is sent, we would fail with a lock error and Floify would put this request in a retry queue and it will retried after 10 minutes. In this case, we would not be able to pull the disclosures for the same loan file until the field update is cleared.
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