June 22, 2020 Release Notes

  • Organization Support: 

    Supports multiple companies under one organization. Company level access remains the same.

  • Option to Auto-Accept Loan App Docs:

    Documents that come through when the borrower submits the loan application can be sent directly to the 'Accepted' section of the loan flow, rather than the 'Pending Review' section which require the thumbs up to be accepted.

  • Customization of Stack and Send options for LO Teams 

    Stack and Send options at the bottom can be removed from the Stack and Send page.

  • Option to disable all Apply Now 3.0 Income questions to avoid triggering RESPA

  • Referral Source added to Apply Now 3.0

  • Mobile Home added to list of Property Type options in Apply Now 3.0

  • Auto-save status in Apply Now 3.0. Borrowers will see that their application progress is saved automatically in Apply Now 3.0
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