July 13th, 2022 Release Notes

New Features:

Desktop Underwriter Pre-Qualification Letter

  • We have changed which application features are required for the Desktop Underwriter feature:
    • The requirement to have to enable the liabilities 1003 section for DU Pre-Qual letter has been removed
    • To ensure Liabilities are still populating correctly, a credit integration needs to be setup
    • For more information on this feature, you can read about it here!

Encompass Data Sync Plugin

  • This features allows users to synchronize borrower data from within Encompass with an active Floify Flow. Encompass will allow discrepancies to be rectified across the two platforms to be updated, using their fix and update button.
  • Synchronized data in Encompass will be available in Floify upon using the tool
  • Here is an article about setting up the Plugin

Coming Soon: Co-Mortgagor Updates

A couple interface upgrades are going live for all lending companies at the time of our co-mortgagors release which is on the horizon for Floify, regardless of whether or not this feature is enabled:
  • The lender portal will have an upgraded view that's easier to navigate
  • Modernized red/yellow/green bucket colors and design
  • We're upgrading our icon library to the latest version. Icons will still be the same, but they'll look a bit sleeker (see the screens below)
  • A long-awaited improvement is finally here: Clicking anywhere in the loan pipeline row will open that loan flow

Updated LO Loan Pipeline View





Updated LO Loan Flow View






Bug Fixes:

  • Partial updates to fix some Apply Now accessibility issues
    • The performance of the borrower application feature with the use of screen reader programs has been improved
  • The subdomain URL for redirecting loans no longer takes the LO to loan pipeline 
    • This fixes an issue some users were experiencing with subdomain links
  • Milestone sets are no longer being reset to Refinance every time Loan Details modal is opened 
    • This addresses an issue some users experienced
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