August 5th - 17th, 2022 Release Notes

New Features:

  • The Action column has been added back into Floify.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Encompass option no longer shows for Stack and Send Docs when no LOS has been configured or is disabled for teams.
  • The Zillow Zestimate integration has been hidden.
  • Users starting an Apply Now application must not have a domain.
  • Only internal Floify users can update a user's domain name in their email address.
  • The thumbs up option can now be selected to accept docs when viewing them.
  • The on-demand 'Add Document' notice paper airplane icon is now available in the pipeline.
  • Disclosures are now going out after the co-mortgagor release.
  • LOS app uploads are no longer failing after co-mortgage release.
  • Prospect 1003 PDF is no longer missing pages/not fully downloading.
  • Realtors are once again able to access loan flows.
  • Moving a new loan flow to another team is working once again.
  • The Conversation Log at the company level is working once again.
  • DocuSign one-off docs now allow for a co-borrower that shares the same email address.
  • Proof of delivery docs are generating correctly.
  • Borrower questions can be added to a loan flow again.
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