September 2nd, 2022 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • We have made visual alignment adjustments to the 'Add Doc Notice' paper airplane icon.
  • The Stack and Send Docs page is now accurately displaying the upload date for LOS documents.
  • The ${ApplicationLink} merge field is now sending users to the correct page. This also required an update to the file that was causing the prospect link to not work as expected.
  • When a completed document was added to the 'Docs Pending Review' bucket, it was sending the borrower the 'Add Doc Notice'. This is no longer going out.
  • Realtor/partner contacts can now update their email address in their settings and ensure this saves. The following fields have been fixed in the realtor's user settings: Brokerage Name, Licensed Office Name, Licensed Office Address, and All Licensed States.
  • App slowdowns that were being caused by excess document events in the database have been resolved.
  • Documents that were submitted multiple times by users were causing duplicate events. A check has been added to remove duplicate document submissions.
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