September 28th, 2022 Release Notes

New Features:

  • User Friendly Homeowners Insurance Prompt - This feature gives a more contextualized call to action that brings the need for homeowners insurance to the forefront of a customer's mind at the point in the loan process that makes sense for all parties involved.
  • Security enhancement - New tooltip when a borrower tries to create an account with an email that ends in ''.
  • Final visual alignment has been added to the 'Add Doc Notice' paper airplane icon.

Bug Fixes:

  • The homeowners insurance signal is no longer skipped when a loan flow is created via API.
  • System tax issues have been fixed.
  • The inability to loan LO loan pipelines due to updating/inserting custom field data has been fixed.
  • Organization admins with Azure SSO enabled no longer have to sign back in when switching into company dashboards. This was caused by the company settings' cache not being properly updated.
  • The footer length of borrower-facing multi-loan picker screen has been fixed.
  • The 'Export CSV' function in the company dashboard 'Users' tab has been optimized to prevent it from timing out.
  • An error preventing some users from updating a loan flow's loan owner has been resolved.
  • An intermittent error caused by the insurance integration 'address never confirmed' has been resolved.
  • The delay in insurance quote pre-search event has been removed.
  • Several UI issues in the Apply Now and Login pages have been resolved.
  • The loan owner popover would cause the tooltip not to close properly, hiding essential functionality. This has been fixed.
  • The company dashboard 'Users' tab table will now sort correctly.
  • It will now show when borrowers are logged into co-pilot applications.
  • There have been improvements made to the borrower portal demo experience when they first set up their account.
    • The demo/tutorial will no longer repeat multiple times.
    • The demo/tutorial will no longer restart if the page is refreshed.
    • The 'next' buttons have been swapped to give a better indication of what instruction will be displayed next.
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