October 5th, 2022 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Task Management: Auto Loan Flow Assignment
    • Every loan has a number of roles, like Processors, Loan Officer Assistants, Closers, etc.
      that are responsible for completing certain tasks at different points in a loan flow. Today,
      lending teams use spreadsheets, diagramming tools, software like Monday.com, CRMs,
      and more just to keep track of these assignments and tasks. Providing a way to assign
      loans manually or based on automation rules within Floify (milestone checkoffs, custom field business rules, disclosure progress, and template doc location) will remove the
      need for external and tedious tracking methods. 

Bug Fixes:

  • The 2-step authentication text message resend is now working.
  • The 2-step authentication lock icon has been added back into the 'Users' tab in the company dashboard.
  • Users are now able to 'bulk assign' followers to assign multiple followers to multiple loans.
  • "Wholesaler" company types are now able to save Encompass Conditions Sync settings.
  • eSign documents that only have option fields (no fields required) can now be submitted without users performing any additional steps.
  • Adding a trailing space to a milestone name will no longer cause issues.
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