March 10th, 2023 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

  • Import URLA data from an LOS file to create a new prospect
    • This gives LO teams the ability to get 1003 data into a new Floify loan application by pulling from an existing LOS file when creating a new prospect. When the borrower opens the application generated, all they need to do is review the information, make any changes necessary, and submit. This will be available for Encompass, MeridianLink, LendingQB, & Byte LOS integrations only.
  • Copy documents to another loan
    • When enabled, LO Teams will be able to select and copy loan docs from a specified loan into another existing loan flow.
  • Split borrowers on a single loan application into co-mortgagors
    • This will allow users to change an existing co-borrower into a co-mortgagor within a loan flow. The co-borrower moves into a new co-mortgagor set; the relevant data moves with that borrower.
  • Create a fixed bar for page-wide actions like save changes and cancel in "Edit Loan Flow" to make these actions accessible from any part of the page
  • Update phone number validation library for Smart HOI integration
  • Turn off Smart HOI for all loans based in the state of Louisiana


Bug Fixes

  • Desktop Originator companies configured without Sponsoring Lenders will now be shown an error message when trying to order Interim or Final AUS findings.
  • The 'Assigned to Me' dashboard will display loans assigned to the user across all different teams.
  • We will no longer clone duplicate templates that exist in the active and archived section on the source team.
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