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Using ICE eClose, if you have an Encompass integration, you can easily set up eClose capabilities for borrowers within Floify, while still working within your existing closing processes. With ICE eClose, borrowers can stay within the Floify Portal throughout their entire home ownership journey.




To use this feature, the company will need to have the following:

    1. Encompass integration set up in Floify
    2. Consumer Connect enabled in Floify Company Settings
    3. eClose with ICE, which needs to be set up with ICE directly to set this up.


Setup Steps

Once the Requisites have been met, navigate to the company dashboard. Go to Company Settings > Basic Settings 





Locate the Disclosure Settings section and press Edit Disclosure Settings






From here, select Enable eClose and Encompass Hybrid eClose Screenshot_2023-06-01_at_5.27.46_PM.png

Please note that ICE eClose is not available with the Floify Hybrid eClose option.



How to Use

First, in Encompass, the settlement agent will initiate closing. 


Borrower Usage

After they have been initiated, the borrower will receive an email with a link to sign their closing documents. The borrower will click on the link and be taken back to Floify to sign their closing documents.  The borrower can also access their closing documents from within their loan flow. It will appear in Docs Owed when waiting for signature.






Once they have entered the Signing Room (which is iFramed within Floify), the borrower will have a few different options within the interface. To access those, they will need to eConsent, after reviewing the information in the prompt.




Once consent has been given, they will see the following:




The borrower can choose between their Pending and Complete tasks. Pending tasks are actionable, while completed tasks are available for review as needed






On the Pending Tasks page, borrowers can review and acknowledge receipt of documents by selecting Review.





Borrowers can review all documents in the Documents pane on the left. Once reviewed, they can select the Done option.




If the eSign option is selected, the borrowers will be taken into a DocuSign window for their document, where they can sign like any other DocuSign signature document




Finally, borrowers can change their eConsent selections by selecting the Change eConsent button.





If they select this option, they will be taken back into the initial consent option. Declining eConsent will lead to them having to accept eConsent before they are able to review and sign documents.


Once completed, borrower can use the Leave Signing Room button to go back to their Floify Loan Flow.





Loan Owner Usage

Once initiated, the LO will receive an email and will be taken directly into Encompass to complete this process.






Once the process is completed, the documents will move from the Docs Owed bucket for the loan flow




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