Borrower Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for all Floify users. Borrowers will be prompted when logging in via a new device or browser to provide a code either sent via email or text message. As a borrower, the MFA access token will last for 30 days on a remembered device before being prompted again.


How to Set Up

Setting Up MFA for User Accounts

When a user logs in for the first time, Multi-Factor Authentication will show a prompt to secure the account. Users can select Get Started:






From there, the security method(s) can be selected one at a time. At least one option must be selected. Currently, the options available are SMS Text Message or Email verification






Once selected, you will be prompted to input the contact information for the selected field, and then press Send Code:



Phone Number 

(note: Consent must be given, and the text message policy can be reviewed as needed)









From there, a code will be sent out to the method selected, and can be entered. Once entered, press continue: 






If the code needs to be resent, or the contact info needs to be changed, this option can be selected as well:





If multiple methods have been entered, select the preferred method to receive, then select Continue:






The recovery codes for the account will be show. These codes should be saved as an additional method of access in case the methods entered are unavailable to the user. Once copied, press Finish:





From here, the initial setup is complete. To edit these, the same interface is available from the profile settings, which is accessible by selecting the email in the top right corner:



Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 9.28.25 AM.png



From here, you can scroll down to the Multi-Factor Authentication section and press the Edit Multi-Factor Authentication button:





From there, the prompts can be run through again:



Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 9.30.04 AM.png



Getting Locked Out

If a borrower is locked out and cannot receive the email, text message, and doesn't have their recovery codes, they will be prompted to notify Floify Support. They can also have their lender submit a request on their behalf.


Users will also be locked out after 8 incorrect verification code attempts and will see an option to get help. Once help is requested, the Floify Support team will reach out directly for verification to help unlock your account. Once unlocked, a borrower will be prompted to set up their account again.








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