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If your loan officer has requested that you complete a loan application, you will be able to do so directly in a secure portal using Floify's Apply Now Loan Application feature. Completing your 1003 loan application is easy by following the steps listed below.


*Please note each lender's application may have slightly different questions, verbiage, or customized interfaces.*


Completing the Loan Application

Your loan officer will either direct you to a URL where you will enter your email address and establish a password, or will send you an email directly where you will click on the link to establish your password. You will also be required to agree to Floify's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Select Apply Now to proceed:






Once you've established your credentials, you will be prompted to register your account by entering your first name, last name, and mobile phone number. Additionally, you can choose if you'd like to receive text message alerts regarding your loan application and loan status. Select Finish Setup to proceed:







Select Start Application to continue:






On the left hand side, you will be able to select which section you'd like to complete. Any fields that the loan officer has marked as required will include a red asterisk. You will need to enter this information in order to submit your application:






The Review and Submit option on the left hand side will allow you to review everything once it's been completed and submit the loan application. If there are missing required fields, you will see that the option to submit will be grayed out and any missing fields will be marked in red:






Once everything has been fixed up, you will need to provide consent to do business electronically as well as authorization to run a credit check on financial history. If you've added a co-borrower, you will also be required to provide these for the co-borrower in addition to yourself. Select Submit Application to fully submit:






You will get a success message once everything is good to go! Depending on how your loan officer has things configured, you will either be taken straight into the portal to upload your documents, or you will need to wait for them to review the application to proceed:




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