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Once your account has been created, you will have access moving forward for your current loan as well as any previous or future loans.


If you haven't used the account in some time or forgot your credentials, you may need to reset your password.


How to Reset Your Password

Password Reset Link

Navigate to your specific lender's site and select the option to Login in the top right hand corner:






Select the Forgot Password option in the pop up window:






Type in the email address associated with your Floify account and select Send Reset Link:






You will get a confirmation prompting you to check your email:






If you don't see the password-reset email within a minute or two, check your spam folder. 
If you still don't see your password reset email, it is safe to repeat the process above. 


Once you receive the email, click the link in red to Set a new password now:





Insert your new password, making sure to meet the password requirements that display, and select Set Password:






Floify Portal

Alternatively, you can reset your password directly in your portal if you're already logged in.

Select your email address in the top right hand corner:






Select the option to Edit Profile:






Select the green Reset Password button:






Enter a new password making sure you meet the requirements, and select Set Password to confirm: 







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