Who is LendingPad?  

LendingPad is an innovative, end-to-end LOS solution that offers mortgage brokers the ability to originate a loan anywhere with a secure internet connection. Additionally, brokers can receive leads from consumer online portals, in-house loan officers, retail branches, and call centers. Serve your clients from anywhere and in any browser. With LendingPad, brokers enjoy a vast amount of options and connectivity to their favorite vendors and lenders so they can originate with ease and confidence.

For more information, visit lendingpad.com


Integration type: LOS 



What will the Floify—LendingPad Integration support?  

When the integration is configured and active, LOs will be able to: 


  • Create loan files in LendingPad, upon the start of a Floify loan flow
  • Import Fannie Mae 1003 loan data to LendingPad upon file creation via the application page or the Prospects tab
  • Seamlessly upload collected documents to LendingPad, either manually utilizing Floify's stack-and-send or automatically once a document is accepted by the originator
  • Set up the option to sync milestones from LendingPad to Floify


How to Set Up and Use

The set up for this integration is handled completely by our support team on behalf of the customer. Please reach out to support@floify.com for further assistance.


For information on setting up the milestone sync see LendingPad Milestone Sync.


Once the integration is set up and configured, a LendingPad loan file will be created automatically when a borrower submits a loan application or a new loan flow is started via the Start New Loan Flow button in the pipeline.


The application data will push through automatically as long as the borrower submits a loan application via the application page or the record is started via the Add New Prospect button. Please note that manually created loan flows via the Start New Loan Flow page will not push through application data.

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