Byte Milestone Sync


Floify supports one-way syncing of milestones, from Byte to Floify. If a milestone gets checked in Byte, the corresponding milestone can be automatically checked in Floify, with normal email and text notifications being delivered for the checkoff.


Company administrators can configure the Byte milestone sync for the entire company. When set up, a single milestone collection is configured at the company level, which overrides LO teams (in other words, LO teams are not able to customize their milestones when this is configured).


When you enable milestone sync, it will apply to new loans moving forward (from the time the sync is first enabled at the company level).

Your existing loans will continue to use/show the milestones that they already have, and will not be synced with Byte.

For loans with a deadline set, Floify also does not begin syncing milestones until the loan is within one week of its deadline. If Byte milestones are checked off before then, they will not sync up until the Floify loan enters this period – because of this, when a loan arrives within one week of its deadline, older Byte milestones may be synced.

To avoid this, consider using deadlines within one week for flows that are active in Byte, and will have milestones synced to Floify. More information is available under "When and How Often Are Milestones Synced?" below.


Archived loans are still considered for milestone sync.


How to Set Up and Use

Once the Byte connection is established, you'll need to specify the milestone mappings.


From the team pipeline, choose the team name in the upper right-hand corner and select the option to navigate to the Company Dashboard:






Navigate to Company Settings and then Basic Settings:







Scroll down to Milestone Settings and then select the option to Manage Byte Linking:






Select the pencil/paper icon towards the right of each milestone name to edit the Byte Milestone Field ID as needed:






Scroll down to Milestone Settings and then select the option to Edit Milestone Settings:






Select the two boxes under the Settings header to ensure the milestones are company-enforced and the automatic milestone sync is enabled:





You'll see the milestone table automatically updated with a list of company milestones. Here, you'll be able to control what milestones are enabled for your company, and preview / edit milestone mail templates as normal.





You'll notice the Human-Friendly LOS Milestone Name and LOS Field ID columns which are not set by default. These columns are used to map to your Byte instance. When adding or editing a milestone here, you will see options to specify these values



For the Human-Friendly LOS Milestone Name field, you can enter any value you'd like – this field is purely informational (it's included as a sort of reference marker, to help other users looking at the table identify what Byte milestone is being referenced).


For the LOS Milestone Field ID, this should be a field that is populated only when the Byte milestone is checked off. This must be the field in Byte containing the milestone checkoff date (the value in this field is used to populate the checkoff date in Floify), and the date should be in the format MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss (e.g., 12/20/2018 11:32:45). If you aren't sure what field ID to use here, consult your Byte administrator. Make sure you select Save to confirm your changes:




After you've saved your milestone settings, you'll see the updated values in the table. As you'll notice in the screenshot below, you can mix-and-match Floify and Byte milestones – not all of your Floify milestones have to map to Byte milestones, and vice-versa! You can utilize this to choose which milestones are synced from Byte:





Once all your milestones are configured here, you're all set! When a milestone is checked off in Byte, the corresponding Floify milestone, per your configuration, will be automatically checked. Email and text message notifications are also delivered as normal.

When a milestone is checked off, in addition to populating the checkoff date on the Floify milestone, we will also populate the loan address (Byte field 11) into the corresponding Floify loan address field – if there is not already an address on the Floify loan.  Once the Floify loan has an address saved, subsequent milestone checkoffs from Byte will not update the address:


The email and text message notifications will be delivered using the last saved settings from the most recent milestone on the loan; if there hasn't been a milestone saved or checked off, email and text message notifications are enabled to each recipient by default.

If you want to change the settings for a particular loan, just go into the loan, open any milestone, and check/uncheck the boxes for each recipient – then click Save in the lower-right corner, to save the settings for this loan. The settings are re-used for each milestone going forward.


When and How Often Are Milestones Synced?

Floify polls Byte to sync milestones based on the deadline of the underlying loan, at the following frequencies:


  • Every 15 mins: For loan flows whose deadline is between now, and one week from now.
  • Every 2 hours: For loan flows whose deadline was between 2 months ago, and now.
  • Once a day (01:00 UTC): For loan flows who do not have a deadline, or whose deadline passed over 2 months ago.

The 15-minute and 2-hour sync schedules do not run between 8PM and 8AM (MT) – milestones checked off during this time period will be synced at the first available instance the next day.


Team Settings

If your company has not enabled the company level milestones, you can adjust the Byte milestone sync for your specific team.


Navigate to Settings and then Milestones:






Scroll down to Milestones and select Manage Milestones:







Select the option to Enable automatic milestone sync with the LOS:







Select the pencil/paper icon towards the right of the milestone name:






Select the Byte milestone from the dropdown that you would like to sync up to the Floify milestone you've selected:






Additionally, you can choose if you'd like to auto-archive loan flows when this milestone is checked. Select if you'd like Borrower or Third Party Notifications auto-synced. This can be set up for text message and email notifications. Make sure you select Save to confirm your changes:




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