Encompass Plugin - Reimporting the 1003


The Floify Encompass Plugin, with help from our partners at Brimmatech, allows lending teams to stay in a single streamlined interface within Encompass to complete all loan tasks. Synchronization of data across the integration is easily implemented to ensure the two platforms share the most accurate borrower information.


Use of this plugin will require a Floify account with an Encompass integration enabled. This article will go over reimporting the 1003. This feature requires having an active 1003 loan application file in the associated Floify loan flow.


If you need to set up the Encompass Plugin prior to use, please see further setup instructions here: Encompass Plugin Setup.


Please see the articles below for more use cases of the Encompass Plugin:

Encompass Plugin - Syncing the Data from Encompass to Floify



Reimporting the 1003

  1. Open the 1003 Encompass - Floify Data Discrepancy custom form from the Forms section on the left-side menu. If there are any discrepancies between Encompass and Floify in 1003 Fields, those fields are appended along with Encompass and Floify Value. These are separated by sections:






  2. Select any fields you would like to synchronize with Floify by checking them off. You can use the Select All check box to automatically select every field:




  3. Press the "Update Encompass" Button in the top right corner of the form. This will update any fields in Encompass that were selected to match the values from Floify:




  4. If there are no discrepancies detected between Encompass and Floify then the message “Data in sync” is displayed. This will update to check mismatched fields after each update:


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