Use Merge Fields in My Email Signature


Merge fields are available for you to dynamically pull data from the loan flow and enter it into your email signature as needed. This is essentially just a snippet of code that can populate data into the template.


How to Use

These are the merge fields you have available to use:


Merge Field Meaning
LenderFirstName Lender first name
LenderLastName Lender last name
LenderJobTitle Lender job title
LenderEmail Lender email address
LenderDirectPhone Lender direct phone number
LenderOfficePhone Lender office phone number
LenderMobilePhone Lender mobile phone number
Company Name of your company
Logo Company logo
LenderEmailSignatureImage Lender email signature image
CompanyNMLS Company NMLS ID
CompanyDisclaimer Company Corporate Disclaimer
LenderNMLS NMLS ID# 100456


To add to your email signature template, select your email address in the top right hand corner:





Scroll down to Email Signature and select the option to Edit Email Signature:






Add the merge field onto the template, and place a '${' at the beginning and a '}' at the end (ex. ${PreferredName}):






The merge field will dynamically pull the data from the appropriate field into the email signature as it's listed in the profile settings for the account.


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