Add New Floify E-Signature Documents


The Template Docs settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your pre-loaded template documents, collections of documents, and follower settings.


Among these settings, you'll have access to add new Floify E-Signature documents if you have the Floify E-Sign integration enabled.


Template documents in Floify are reusable document requests that can be applied to any loan flow upon creation, added as a one-off request after the flow has been in progress, and can be used in your document quick packs for streamlined document management.


How to Set Up

From your loan pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Template Docs tab:






Scroll down to the Template Documents section:






Select the Add New Floify E-Sign Doc button:






Enter a document name, select the appropriate document category, and select a Floify E-Sign template:


Note: Floify E-Sign templates are set up in the Floify E-Sign Dashboard. You can find more information on setting these up here.






You can also provide an optional document description or attach a sample or blank document if you'd like. Make sure you select Submit once done to create the template:






Success! The Floify E-Signature document is now available to request on any loan flow, add to a quick pack, or add to the automatic doc requests.

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