Set Up Encompass Conditions to Floify Document Requests


The Template Docs settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your pre-loaded template documents, collections of documents, and follower settings.


Among these settings, you'll have access to set up Encompass conditions to Floify document requests. When enabled, Floify automatically pulls Encompass conditions marked as 'Requested' from the Preliminary Conditions, Underwriting Conditions, and Post-Closing Conditions tabs in Encompass. Condition name and descriptions will appear as requests in the Borrower portal.


We support 3 response methods for a condition request:

  • Upload a document
  • Answer question
  • Acknowledge receipt


How to Set Up

From your loan pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Template Docs tab:






Scroll down to the Automatic Conditions from Encompass section and select the option to Edit Automatic Conditions from Encompass:






Select the option to Enable Automatic Conditions from Encompass for your teamYou can then select if you'd like the names, descriptions, and request types to require approval before appearing in the borrower portal:






Choose the location that you'd like the accepted borrower requests to be sent to. Make sure you select Save to confirm your changes:






Automatic Conditions

In the loan pipeline, you'll see a new tab for Conditions Pending Review:






Select the gray icon towards the left of the borrower's name to navigate into the loan flow and review these conditions:






Select the icon towards the right of each condition to review:






Set condition names, condition descriptions, upload a sample document (optional), and choose the borrower response method:






Select whether or not you'd like to Add the Condition to Docs Owed. Select the option at the bottom to Save and Add Request:






Manual Conditions

Navigate into the loan flow using the red, yellow, or green icons towards the left of the borrower's name:






Select the Add New Doc option near the right in blue:






Select the option to request an Encompass Condition:






Enter a condition name, select the Encompass conditions tab, upload a sample document (optional), enter a condition description, and the borrower response method. Make sure you select Submit to confirm:









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