Mortgage Call Reports


Floify's Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) will help you kick start your NMLS reporting each quarter. Floify can produce the MCR spreadsheet populated with the pipeline data as well as will supply a RAW DATA pipeline report for your reference. 


Designed to simplify and accelerate the NMLS reporting process, Floify's MCR empowers users to quickly and easily generate the required mortgage call report spreadsheet, pre-populated with the quarter's essential loan data.  With this feature, you are able to export separate reports for any year and quarter as well as each state the broker holds licensure.



How to Set Up

From the team pipeline, choose the team name in the upper right-hand corner and select the option to navigate to the Company Dashboard:





Navigate to Company Settings and then Basic Settings:







Scroll down and select Edit Basic Settings:





Find Mortgage Call Reports and check of the box to enable it. Press Save:





Once enabled, the Company Licenses section will appear in the Company Basic Settings section. Click on the Edit Company Licenses option:





Here you can add, edit, or delete company licenses by state. To add one, click Add Company License:



Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 9.52.04 AM.png



Fill in the Issuer State, License Number, Company License Expiration, and Authorized to Conduct Business, then press Save:





Mortgage Call Reports is now ready to use. Additionally, when enabled, the list of Company Licenses impacts the available list of options for starting a new loan, so make sure to add all applicable licenses!



How to Use

On the Company Dashboard, select the Activity dropdown:





Select Call Reports from the list:





Set the Year, Quarter, and State Licenses fields you would like to run the report for and press Export to .xls:


Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.22.37 PM.png



You can access previously run reports for 30 days after they are created. Review the details as needed and select the icon to the right of the entry needed to download again:





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