Access the Organization Dashboard


The Company Dashboard allows for multiple individual accounts to be housed under a single Company Account. As a company admin, you'll have access to different company settings, overrides, and users.


Floify can also house multiple companies under one organization. This provides a user access to multiple companies, and provide them with admin access to all companies within the organization.


Setting up an organization or setting up organization admin permissions requires a request to support. Please reach out to to request this setup.


How to Use

From the team pipeline, to access your organization choose the team name in the upper right-hand corner and select the option to navigate to the Organization Dashboard:






Any companies that are a part of the organization will be listed in the dashboard. Select the option to Switch into company dashboard to navigate into the company:






Once in the company, you will have access to all company users and settings:






You can also clone settings from one company to another using the Clone Configuration option:






Select Organization Settings in order to edit the organization details:






Select the Audit Log to track events across the organization including all companies:






Select Organization Admins to remove or add additional organization admins:








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