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Lenders and origination teams can integrate an existing DocuSign account with Floify's mortgage point-of-sale. Once integrated, borrowers will respond to and complete DocuSign eSignature requests from within their Floify loan flow, creating a streamlined, single login experience.


This help article provides a tutorial on how to install DocuSign, create one-off DocuSign requests, and set up DocuSign templates.


How to Set Up and Use

Install DocuSign

From the team pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Integrations tab:






Scroll down to DocuSign Integration and select the option to Edit DocuSign Integration:






Select Connect:






This will prompt you to enter your DocuSign credentials to finish setting up the integration. Once you've entered these, you should be all set!



Request a One-Off DocuSign E-Signature Request

From your team pipeline, navigate into the borrower's loan flow using the red, yellow, or green icons towards the left hand side of the borrower's name:






Select the Add New Doc button to make an additional request:






Select the option to add a DocuSign Doc:






Enter your document name, optional document description, select a category for your document, and attach a PDF:


Note: A PDF attachment is required here whether or not you are using a DocuSign template.






Additionally, you have the option to either use a DocuSign template and select from the dropdown, or you can opt into creating a one-off template for this document. Make sure the template roles match up with what you need and select Add DocuSign Doc to Flow to proceed:






If you are not using a DocuSign template, you will be prompted to place the signature points onto the document where you want the borrower's to sign to complete the request.


Success! This will now be available in the Docs Owed for the borrower to sign:






Set Up a DocuSign Floify E-Signature Template

From your team pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Template Docs tab:






Scroll down to Template Documents and select Add New eSignature Doc:






Enter your document name, optional document description, and select a category for your template. Attach a blank PDF if necessary, and select the DocuSign template you will be using. Make sure you select Save once you're done to confirm:


Note: Floify eSignature templates require that you have a matching DocuSign template set up. This can be set up directly in your DocuSign account in the Templates section.


The signers need to be listed as 'Borrower', 'Co-Borrower', and 'Loan Officer'.






The e-signature document will now be available in your list of template documents to request.







Check out this video walk-through of creating a using a Docusign Template!



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