Include Links in My Text Message Templates


The Texting settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to the text message templates sent to your borrowers.


Among these settings, you'll have access to include links in your text message templates.


Merge fields allow you to pull data from another portion of the portal to autofill certain information and populate this into the template itself. This can be done conditionally or create a list depending on what you are trying to achieve as well.


How to Set Up

From your team pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Texting tab:






Scroll down to the text message template you want to edit and select the Edit option:






There are two links that you can add to your templates:


  • Sign Up Link - This link is specific to your needs list text message template and redirects borrowers to set up a password for the first time.
  • Website Link - This link can be used in any of your other text message templates and will take your borrowers directly to a login page.

Add the appropriate link into your text message template using the merge field format ( ${SignupLink} or ${WebsiteLink} ). Make sure you select Save to confirm your changes:






Success! The borrower will be able to click on the appropriate link in the template to access the portal.

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