Continuing to Edit the 1003 Application


The 1003 Loan Application can be adjusted at any point in the process by your team. Once an application is submitted, it can still be worked on by your team as needed. When the 1003 is submitted, it will go to the document buckets for review. Generally, it will go to the Docs Pending Review tab. Depending on your settings and how the loan was started, you may find it in any of the available sections (Docs Owed, Docs Pending Review, or Docs Accepted) in the loan flow. 


See below how you can make changes to the 1003 application!



How To Use

To access the application, in your active loan pipeline, find your borrower and select the red, yellow, or green icons on the left hand side to enter the loan:





Once you have found this file, you can select the Edit Loan Application icon:





Note: If the document is in the Docs Accepted bucket, you'll have to reject it with the thumbs down icon before you can edit. Rejecting the document moves it back to the Docs Owed bucket. Both borrowers and LOs have the ability to edit from Docs Owed. Only LO teams can edit from Docs Pending Review. 



This will open up the Loan Application to allow you or your team to edit as necessary. Keep in mind that once you have the application open, you have the ability to switch it from borrower view to full view, to see the full application, even if you don't have these questions on for the borrower. Read more about Full View here: Switch to the Full View Mode of the Borrower's Application



Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.07.16 AM.png



If you have an integration with an LOS, the data will only be uploaded to the LOS once - on application submission, or when you give the 1003 a thumbs up if it was started from the Start New Loan Flow page. It will not update the 1003 in your LOS if edits are made after.



Once you have made your updates and finished working on the application, remember to press Save and Return to Loan Pipeline:



Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.07.41 AM.png



If you are working on this from the Docs Owed bucket, and would like to move it to the Docs Pending Review bucket, navigate to the Review & Submit section of the Loan Application and press Complete ApplicationThis will move the document over, restricting borrower access to edit:



Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.08.04 AM.png





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