Who is Jungo? 

Jungo offers pre-built technology and accelerated implementation services for financial service verticals – including the mortgage, real estate, and wealth management industries. With more than a decade of experience creating and integrating solutions for the financial services industries, Jungo is the preeminent expert in the field. Jungo’s innovative approach helps businesses connect with customers and drive sales.




Integration type: CRM 


What will the Floify—Jungo Integration support? 

With the Floify–Jungo integration, loan originators who are using Floify to automate their mortgage processes and Jungo to manage their customer database can seamlessly access Floify’s secure document management system directly within Jungo’s CRM,  maintaining all important borrower documentation and correspondence in a single location.


When the integration is configured and active, originators will be able to:


  • Connect existing Jungo contact records to a corresponding Floify loan flow.
  • Instantly start a new Floify loan flow from within a Jungo contact record.
  • Synchronize uploaded documentation from Floify into a linked Jungo contact record.
  • Substitute the Floify interface for the Jungo Docs Bar within a Jungo contact record.
  • Trigger Jungo needs list notifications that automatically utilize Floify outstanding document request data.


How to Set Up and Use

This integration is built and maintained by Jungo.


Any current Jungo clients that also have Floify and have questions regarding the integration can open a case at help.ijungo.com or view the help article here: https://jungo.force.com/s/article/using-jungos-floify-integration--faqs.


A Jungo Tier 2 Rep will then follow up and explain how the process works.

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