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White labeling allows you to embed Floify in your own website and mask our domain. When borrowers visit your site and access Floify, they will see your URL in the address bar – and when they receive email and text messages from Floify, it will show your site's URL.


Floify will validate your page before enabling the white labeling, so the URL must be valid and resolve to a valid page before enabling this setting on your team!


Working directly with a developer is mandatory. Please contact support@floify.com for a referral to a Developer if you do not currently work with one.


White labeling just requires some simple configuration, and a little bit of code to be placed on your website so Floify is able to direct your borrowers to the right location!


How to Set Up

In Floify

From the team pipeline, choose the team name in the upper right-hand corner and select the option to navigate to the Company Dashboard:






Navigate to Company Settings and then Basic Settings:






Scroll down to White Labeling and select the option to Edit White Labeling:






Select the option to enable white labeling for your LO teams.

Enter the URL format that your site uses, along with optional merge fields – these can be automatically substituted to apply dynamic URL templating for your teams, allowing you to quickly match your teams to a specific convention or pattern (later, we'll also look at how this can be overridden for an individual team. Make sure you select Save to confirm your changes:






What does this mean?

For example, we have a website https://gothammortgages.com/. On this website, we have two LOs with personal pages, at https://gothammortgages.com/john-doe, and https://gothammortgages.com/jane-doe. These LOs use Floify, at johndoe.floify.com and janedoe.floify.com, respectively.

These settings configure Floify to direct borrowers for John's team to https://gothammortgages.com/john-doe, and Jane's team https://gothammortgages.com/jane-doe, based on the first and last name configured on the team.


When turned on, these company settings make the white labeling available for teams; however, it must still be enabled at the team level.


Navigate to Home and switch back into the user's account:






From your team pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Team Info tab:






Scroll down to Team Info and select the option to Edit Team Info:






Select the option to enable white labeling for the team. If the Default URL is selected, Floify will follow the default that was set up in the company settings:




You can also specify a custom URL override, if desired:





When the team's borrowers receive mail from Floify, the URL will include your site. Borrowers will see your site when clicking on any link in your email notifications sent out from Floify, with your branding and Floify embedded within:




On Your Site

On each page where you'll embed Floify, you will include the following code:


Note: https://yourteam.floify.com or https://yourteam.floify.com/?noheaderfooter (if removing logo and background) must be replaced with the LO team's subdomain that you want to embed (this is unique per team). This is all that needs to be included in the body of your site.


// how to set up white labeling
// add these three elements to your html in this order

// include the whitelabel JS
<script src="https://cdn.floify.com/whitelabel.min.js"></script>

// include an iframe with a unique ID. You can also add width, height, and frameborder here.
<iframe id="someUniqueId"></iframe>

// execute the white label function

// there are two arguments
// 1. the unique ID of the iframe.
// 2. a fall back URL should a user come to this page via some route that does not provide the query parameter
// the fallback URL can include '/apply-now' or '/apply?noheaderfooter' (Adding query ?noheaderfooter to the end of a sub-domain removes the logo and background of the embedded Floify page)

<script>floifyWhiteLabel( 'someUniqueId', 'https://yourteam.floify.com' )
Example script:

<p><script src="https://cdn.floify.com/whitelabel.min.js"></script><br>
<iframe id="SomeUniqueId" width="7000px" height="1500px" frameborder="0"></iframe><br>
<script>floifyWhiteLabel( 'SomeUniqueId', 'https://larrylender.floify.com/?noheaderfooter' )</script></p>

*Reminder - You can remove the logo and background from the embedded Floify page by adding query ?noheaderfooter to the end of your sub-domain.
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