What Are the Different Borrower Links?


Your specific portal will have several links available to provide to your borrower, including your direct landing page link, your landing page link with Spanish subtitles (if enabled), your application page link, and your login page link.


How to Use

From your active loan pipeline, select the Prospects tab at the top of the page:






Locate the Borrower Links section underneath the header:






Hover over the tab to see a dropdown. All the links will be visible there:






What are my different links for?

Your Landing Page 

Your landing page link directs your borrowers to your general page. This includes an option to apply or log in depending on where the borrower is at in the loan flow process.

Your borrower will also be able to see your contact information listed including your name, company name, phone numbers, email address, and licenses.

If enabled, your lead generation portal and landing page calculators will be available on the right hand side.






Your Landing Page with Spanish Subtitles

Your landing page with Spanish subtitles link is the same as your landing page link above, but when borrowers select the Apply Now option, the loan application will already have the Spanish subtitles automatically enabled for them.






Your Apply Now Page

Your apply now page will direct your borrowers straight into the loan application. They will need to enter their email address, confirm the email address, create a password, and agree to Floify's terms and conditions to create their account and begin the application process.






Your Log In Page

Your log in page will direct your borrowers straight to the login portal. They will need to enter their existing credentials (email address and password) to enter. Additionally, they will also have a Forgot Password option if they are having trouble logging in.




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